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why does good wedding photography costs so much?

5 Aug

Let me start by explaining my motivation for writing about this topic.  As a wedding photographer myself, it would be easy for people to expect me to have some underlying agenda when talking about what photographers get paid.  I hope that it becomes obvious from my words below that I am not trying to vent about a lack of appreciation or understanding or anything like that.  In fact, I think that our clients and many others very much appreciate the value of the work we do.  My true motivation is that I think this is a valid question and I’d love for more people to understand the answer.  Personally, I really wish someone had helped me understand the value of good wedding photography before my own wedding.  I truly understand where people are coming from when they’re shocked at what photography can cost, because I’ve been there myself.

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Good Wedding Photographer – Singapore

4 Aug

Before choosing a photographer, many aspects need to be considered. The venue will play an important part in the type and style of images. Since Singapore offers a diversity of marvellous locations, it is likely that any couple would want to include some of the surrounds in their special pictures. Different surrounds dispose to different styles of photography. The often sharp angles and geometrical arrangements of contemporary design require a different treatment to those which include lush greenery or expansive views of the sea.

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Equipment for Wedding Photographers

9 Jul

Should you try to take professional quality wedding images with a Canon Rebel XTi and the kit lens? The answer is no. However, any digital SLR body combined with a decent lens (see below) is a good start. This article will explain the equipment that a typical wedding photographer uses and some of the reasoning behind those choices.

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