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Wedding Songs

31 Jul

Wedding songs are the most indispensible part of all the wedding ceremonies. It is extremely difficult to select the best wedding music for various ceremonies of the wedding. There are plenty of songs ranging from all time favorite classic songs to modern ones. You can read marriage song lyrics by clicking on the link of the song. You can also buy these top marriage songs from amazon. We have compiled the top wedding song list CD from amazon here .

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Why meidium format wedding photography could cost S$5000+

31 Jul

Medium format photos always got a classic look. don’t believe? check it out at this thread:….-part-3

One of my friends paid S$5000+ for a one-day pre-wedding shoot, all medium format photos. a few other friends questioned why it is so expensive…. normally the rate is about S$2000 – S$3000 .

here is a few reasons:

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if you do not have the capacity, pls do not take up the job

31 Jul

see how customers are going to spread the words. the power of “word-of-mouth”

reputation is hard to build, but easily destroyed.

Hairstyle for wedding

30 Jul

Wedding Hairstyles are one of the most worried about hairstyles. From the bride to the bridesmaids, flower girls, moms, and all the guest, everyone’s goal at the wedding is to look their utmost in every way. The bride has to pick from the loveliest bridal hairstyles and everyone attending has to obtain their prettiest individual hairstyle. These hairstyles are usually the most eloquent and beautiful hair styles due to the nature of the event.

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