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Wedding in a hot summer

20 Aug

Sunny skies are one thing, but sunburned guests? Quite another. Event designer Matthew Robbins shares his tips for warm-weather weddings.

The beauty of outdoor weddings is, well, the beauty of the outdoors. And the bane of outdoor weddings is, well, they’re outdoors, so no matter how much you want a perfect summer celebration — temps in the 70s with a light breeze and cumulus clouds overhead — what you may get instead is mugginess and mosquitoes, with a chance of thundershowers.

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Equipment for Wedding Photographers

2 Aug

Although I do not agree that equipment plays the most important role in any photography project… the following article do shed some light on the choices of wedding photography equipment, which may be very useful for photographers to set up their “guns”. 🙂


Should you try to take professional quality wedding images with a Canon Rebel XTi and the kit lens? The answer is no. However, any digital SLR body combined with a decent lens (see below) is a good start. This article will explain the equipment that a typical wedding photographer uses and some of the reasoning behind those choices.

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Advice For Wedding Videographers

10 Jul

though some of the info in this post is a bit old, still quite useful.

compiled by John Beale 1999-2005

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Wedding Gowns: Dos and Don’ts

16 Jun








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