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Wedding in a hot summer

20 Aug

Sunny skies are one thing, but sunburned guests? Quite another. Event designer Matthew Robbins shares his tips for warm-weather weddings.

The beauty of outdoor weddings is, well, the beauty of the outdoors. And the bane of outdoor weddings is, well, they’re outdoors, so no matter how much you want a perfect summer celebration — temps in the 70s with a light breeze and cumulus clouds overhead — what you may get instead is mugginess and mosquitoes, with a chance of thundershowers.

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Wedding discussion forums in Singapore

11 Aug

11 tips on how to try on wedding dresses

14 Jul
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    Go where the sizes are. Some bridal shops only carry samples of each wedding gown. Make some calls and find out what sizes they carry. If the samples are only in a size 10, and you wear a 2 or a 16, there’s no way you’ll get a proper image of what that dress will look like on you. Find the stores that carry a full range of sample sizes or off-the-rack dresses for you to try on.

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Advice For Wedding Videographers

10 Jul

though some of the info in this post is a bit old, still quite useful.

compiled by John Beale 1999-2005

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