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Buying a ring

25 Jul

This post is for guys only.

So you are the going-to-propose-to-my-girlfriend guy? You are going to buy a proposal ring and you want to knowwedding rings


  • which finger wears the proposal ring
  • ring size of your girlfriend
  • 4Cs of a diamond ring

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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring

20 Jul

After deciding to ask the woman of your dreams to be your bride, the next problem would be getting the perfect ring. Whether you believe it or not, buying the perfect wedding ring is an artform. Getting something too fancy would invariably burn a huge hole in your pocket while something too shabby would be likely to get you one of two results. The luckier of which is your bride-to-be would simply say no. The other is that she would say yes and spend the rest of your years together making you pay for that mistake, which is honestly not a pretty sight. But jokes aside, a traditional estimate is to spend about 2 months’ salary for your wedding ring. An un-traditional estimate is well… as they say, the sky’s the limit, depending on how deep your pockets are.

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Origins of Wedding Ring

17 Jul

Wedding and betrothal rings – the pledges of love – have always appealed to our imaginations, emotions and yearnings. Long ago, our ancestors accepted the ring as an emblem of eternity and a symbol indicative of steadfast devotion – an interpretation quite contrary to Samuel Johnson’s brusque definition of “a circular instrument placed upon the noses of hogs and the fingers of women to restrain them and bring them into subjection.”

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